Some of the videos are lengthy, you can download these via the embedded links provided and watch them at your leisure.

The Destruction of Europe (and the World) is Upon Us – Let’s Work Together to Stop This!

Europe is Dying and the Politicians are Letting This happen. ANTIFA + ISLAM = DESTRUCTIVE POISON

University Professor on the Bible – Meet Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou

A Reflective and Lighthearted Look at the Anti-Vaccine Debacle

Brendan O’Neill (Editor of Spiked Online) joins Dave to discuss issues surrounding the threat to free speech

Ricky Gervais on the Invalidity of the Bible – Religion vs Atheism

A Bill Nye – Ken Ham Aftermath Take.

Such a compassionate man.

An engagement between David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins, Richard Leakey and Jane Goodall on the future of our planet. 10/10 viewing.

Seven Beast Mode Atheist Events

Real Time with Bill Maher: Richard Dawkins – Regressive Leftists (HBO)

Dave Allen irreverently lays out the jesus thing (we dare you)

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, Rise of the New Atheists? An interview of great insight.

Scientists Chart the Millions of Years of Changes in the Sahara Desert

Richard Dawkins at the University of Nebraska – Intermediates in the Fossil Record

The Best Documentary Ever – The Genesis of Earth in Two Hours

Carl Sagan on the uncertainty of god – from the COSMOS series

Richard Dawkins – A rare interview by Scott Burdick [Must Watch]

The universe explained by Brian Cox

Mandelbrot – Mathematics Explained

A stunning testament to the application of scence

We did not listen to Carl Sagan when we had the chance. He was pure genius.

A Primer on the Council of Nicea

Carl Sagan Shares an Explanation of DNA

Richard Dawkins teaches a class of religious students

Neil Degrasse Tyson Speaks of the Fall of Islam, What a Waste of Their Talent

Correcting Darwin’s Critics

Hell’s Angel: Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens (3 of 3)

20 Things to Think About Saying (or not!)

2015 – Google Year in Search – must see

Science, Space Flight, there is no problem so big that you can’t make it bigger..

Richard Dawkins & Ricky Gervais on Religion.

Christopher Hitchens: The true core of the Jesus myth

An undeniable prognosis, examples of the best atheist arguments in one place.

Sam Harris – Still Sleepwalking Toward Armageddon

Ex-Radical Islamist: Terror Result of ‘Global Jihadist Insurgency’

In response to the act of war in Paris on black Friday 13/11/2015. Our position is even clearer than ever before.

Richard Dawkins Tells Fox News It’s ‘Disgraceful’ That GOP Presidential Candidates Believe In Creationism
[Sorry, this video has been censored and deleted by US political privilege, try this instead]

George Carlin takes an excellent shot at humanity.

Lamb: Wise Enough

Dave Allen has an irreverent shot at religion in so many glorious ways..

Richard Dawkins and Peter Boghossian, 2015 Portland

Neil deGrasse Tyson vs Bill O’Reilly – A Must Watch

“I knew I was atheist for about ten years,
and had never met another atheist, ever.” A must-watch.

The PSYCHOTIC Saviour? Was Jesus REALLY “meek and mild” or just another power hungry psychopath?

Christopher Hitchens delivers a hammer stroke toward a cocky member from the audience

Little Jacob is a boy who was born in a girl’s body, a must-watch’.

University of Nebraska – Comparing Human and Chimpanzee Genome (presented by Prof Richard Dawkins)


Neil Degrasse-Tyson – Tired of God.

James Randi – A Fiery Take-down of Frauds Such as Psychics and Homeopaths.

Richard Dawkins – Confused by Contradictions.

Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Ripping Apart Proponents of Religion

Richard Dawkins on The Out Campaign (ahead of Openly Secular Day, April 23rd).

Christopher Hitchens expresses his concerns regarding freedom of speech.

Openly Secular Day 2015, 23rd April.

Richard Dawkins: the making of a scientist.

Michio Kaku: the universe in a nutshell. This is a fairly long one but it is fabulously informative.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The 3 Fears That Drive Us to Accomplish Extraordinary Things.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: on Creationism, Celebrity, and Kids.

Richard Dawkins: on the bible having zero credibility or value.

Richard Dawkins: on Evolution The Greatest Show on Earth with Allan Gregg.

Ricky Gervais On Atheism, Nails It.

PZ Myers – The Inescapable Conflict Between Science and Religion.

Ricky Gervais on Atheism ……this is funny.

A.C. Grayling – Atheism, Secularism, Humanism: Three Zones of Argument.

Max Wallace – The Delusion We Pay For: How Taxpayers Subsidise Religion Worldwide.

Leslie Cannold – Atheism or Secularism? Picking our Fights and Watching our Backs.

Dan Barker vs Matt Slick – Does God of the Bible Exist?

Jane Caro – The Evil on My Mind.

Lyn Allison – Ever Wondered Why God is a Bloke?

Peter Singer – Ethics Without Religion.

Richard Dawkins – Giving Thanks in a Vacuum.

Taslima Nasrin – My Struggle for Secularism.

George Carlin – On Religion

The Birth of Religion – It Took Two Minutes

A simple act of caring creates a ripple..

…that comes back to you.

We’re here because we’re here..

And that’s that.

Christopher Hitchens on 9/11, Bin Laden, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Hinduism, Islam

Carl Sagan very young

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