Our Policy


THINK before you post!

Agree to disagree – if a thread is turning into an argument please use the phrase “agree to disagree”. This is the cue to STOP! Anyone who continues to argue following this cue may be deleted from the group.

NO threats of violence or encouragement of violence towards a member of this group (or animals – including native or non native) will be tolerated.

No naming and shaming of persons or businesses – in some circumstances you may apply for an exception and post a warning in general.

No inflammatory content – this includes posts which inspire hatred towards a person. Please try to keep it civil and positive.

Do not ‘private message’ other members to abuse them or to ask them to date you (please use local singles pages instead)

If you have any issues with another member or how the page is run PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ONE OF OUR ADMIN MEMBERS! I would like to avoid arguments on the wall to ensure the smooth running of the group.

Thank you

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