About Us

The Sunshine Coast Atheists is a group of like-minded people who regularly meet up for food, drinks and discussion. The group is made up of atheists from diverse backgrounds but we do have a number of things in common. First, we recognize the importance of human rights and a secular society.  Second, we want to see public policy based on evidence and reasoned thinking. Thirdly, we want to have a good time if at all possible..

If you’d like to add your name to our emailing list (no obligation) please contact:  sunshinecoastatheists@gmail.com  (We won’t sell your email address.)

Who we are

The Queensland based Sunshine Coast Atheists is a group of like-minded Sunshine Coast residents.  We share a common concern about the impact of religion on Australian politics, human rights, equality and individual freedom.

We are also freethinkers, rationalists, skeptics, secularists and humanists.

We are champions of reason and the scientific method.

We have a Think Tank of five people (at this moment) steered by the Sunshine Coast Coordinator and Convener. This allows for a team effort for decision making and direction. Our group is studiously informal and at the same time is made up of different personalities and thinking.

What we do

We meet monthly at venues throughout the Sunshine Coast. The meetings, like the group, are informal – no fixed agenda, minutes or formal proceedings. Our discussions are wide-ranging with a focus on intellectual stimulation, friendship and fun.

Currently, our group functions primarily as a social group. This does not mean, however, that our members are not politically engaged and active.

Why we may not be the right group for you

We’re a loosely-knit social group of like-minded friends but we don’t always agree with each other – that’s half the fun!

However, on some important key issues we do agree and frankly, we are simply not interested in entertaining racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, misogynists, sexists, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, or proponents of scientifically debunked hokum like reiki, homeopathy, psychic healing, acupuncture etc.

You are very welcome to hold such views, but we’d rather not have to listen to them at our meet-ups. We are a private group and reserve the right to remove from our emailing list anyone who makes our meetings tedious. It doesn’t happen often, but, regrettably, often enough to make this warning necessary.

The Sunshine Coast Atheists does not support the imposition of any religious dogma upon the Australian public, but, equally, we reject racism thinly disguised as anti-theism (e.g. Islamophobia – the ‘all Muslims are terrorists’ theory) and sweeping generalizations against theists (e.g. the ‘all Christians are stupid’ theory).  This also comes under the ‘tedious’ category.

On a final note, we are happy to support and provide community for people who have lost their faith.

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